Hazardous waste sites II, Tunisia


    The objective at outcome level was to record, transport, treat and dispose of a large majority of the dangerous hazardous waste in the country’s specialist industrial regions in accordance with the applicable environmental standards and legislation. At impact level, a contribution was to be made to protecting Tunisia's environment and natural resources and to reducing the population’s health risks. To achieve this, the plan was to create three regional plants (later two, in Sfax and Gabès), from which the most dangerous waste would be transported on to the disposal centre in Jradou (created in the preceding phase), while the remainder was to be pre-treated and disposed of locally.s were taken and/or the design was significantly changed.

    Overall rating: 5

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    Relevance: 3
    Effectiveness: 5
    Efficiency: 5
    Impact: 5
    Sustainability: 4

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    Sector:Water services
    Budget funds: 4.556.459,4 €
    Total funds:4.556.459,4 €
    Year of project completion:

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