Water Supply and Sewage Disposal in Pristina (Phase II)


    The Water Supply and Sewage Disposal in Pristina projects (phases I-III) continued the work undertaken in previous German development cooperation (DC) and World Bank measures. The projects focused on measures to improve the water supply in Pristina and surrounding towns and villages located in the RWCP supply area. During phase I, a complementary measure (CM) was also implemented to assist with the development of effective institutional and organisational structures for water supply and sewage disposal. To facilitate the investments, EUR 32.5 million was provided in Financial Cooperation (FC) funding (EUR 6.5 million on a grant basis and EUR 26 million as a loan), in addition to a EUR 1.5 million grant for the complementary measure. Meanwhile, the executing agency made its own EUR 6.1 million contribution towards the costs.

    Overall rating: 2

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    Relevance: 2
    Effectiveness: 1
    Efficiency: 3
    Impact: 2
    Sustainability: 3

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    Country:Kosovo Flag
    Sector:Water services
    Budget funds: 6.000.000 €
    Total funds:6.000.000 €
    Year of project completion:

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