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Data Protection

KfW's data protection principles

You can rely on us to protect and safeguard your personal data. Protecting your privacy in the processing of personal data is a matter of importance to KfW.

On this website, we collect and process data anonymously in order to continually optimise and analyse our web pages. Anonymising data means depersonalising it so as to make sure that no reference to a specific person can be made. A pseudonym is generated when an anonymous user profile is created. When creating this pseudonym, the name of the person or any other identification information is completely replaced so that identification of the person is not possible. In some cases cookies are also used, which also collect and save data under a pseudonym. Under no circumstances are the data used to identify a user (insofar as this would even be possible technically), nor are they linked to the data on the user to whom a pseudonym has been assigned.

We may store specific information on your PC in the form of cookies to optimise our Internet page according to your preferences. These technical access data cannot be attributed to any specific person, so the individual user remains anonymous.

Any further personal data such as (your) name, (your) address, telephone number or e-mail address will not be recorded unless you provide us with this information voluntarily.

You can use almost the entire Internet offer provided by KfW without the need for us to record any of your personal data.

Some offers and services which you find on our pages require you to submit personal data (for instance to process queries or for Internet services like newsletters).

We will collect, process and utilise personal data only if you supply this information voluntarily.

KfW will not provide third parties with any personal data that you may have sent to us without first obtaining your express permission.

We apply technical and organisational security measures to protect your data against accidental or wilful manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorised persons. Our security measures are continuously improved in accordance with technological progress. It goes without saying that our employees have been committed to abide by the specific secrecy requirements pursuant to § 5 of the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz).

When the online version of the electronic form sheets and the repayment calculator are used, the data entered are stored on our server for only as long as the application is used and currently for a period of one hour counted from the start of the session. None of the data are stored temporarily or permanently.

KfW's Internet offers contain hyperlinks to other Internet pages. Please note that KfW is not responsible for their data protection.

Should you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal data please do not hesitate to contact KfW's Data Protection Officer directly, who is also available to take your queries, suggestions or complaints in connection with the security of your data. If you wish to have data changed or deleted, kindly contact the officer as well.

KfW's Data Protection Officer supervises the compliance with the data protection principles described. These data protection statements apply exclusively to the Internet offers of KfW.

Closed circle of users

Access to certain KfW Internet offers is reserved to closed circles of users with specific access authorisation.

In closed circles of users we may prompt submission of data for personalised processing and use to the extent such data serve the purpose of your contract or relationship of trust with us or to the extent you have explicitly agreed to this submission electronically or in writing (for instance in a product request).

Social Media

You can access the social media channels (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Xing, Google+ and Twitter) via our website.

The respective social media channels cannot be accessed directly; this is due especially to conformity with data protection laws. This is why there are notifications to this effect. First, you need to click on the corresponding button to provide your express consent for communicating with the social medium. Only once you have done so will a connection be established, by means of the browser connecting directly to the social medium's servers.

Please note that KfW itself does not have any secure knowledge or influence whatsoever as to how and which data reach the social medium.

By activating the button, the social medium receives the information that you have called up a particular page of the medium online. If you are already registered with the social medium channel, your visit to the site can be traced to your account. However, even if you have not yet registered with the social medium, it cannot be ruled out that your IP address will be recorded or saved once you have clicked on the medium.

Cancellation of data storage

According to paragraph 15 of the German Broadcast Media Act [Telemediengesetzes], website visitors can object to having their anonymously collected visitor data stored, so that these will no longer be collected in the future.

To opt out of the web monitoring, the domain kfw.de will set a cookie with the name webtrekkOptOut. This objection applies as long as the cookie is not deleted. To carry out this objection, please click on the following link.

Set opt-out cookie


Data Protection Officer