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Forest development in Vietnam

The projects involved the reforestation and sustainable management of state-owned areas of forest containing local species used for long-term timber trees. The goal was to restore ecologically degraded areas, including their key ecological role, while also improving living conditions of the local population.

Power transmission and rural electrification in Cambodia

The construction of power lines and rural electrification were part of reconstruction processes in Cambodia after the first democratic elections. The goal was firstly to improve the transmission of power from Takeo to the capital city of Phnom Penh and secondly to bring electricity to selected rural areas.

Irrigation project in Mount Kenya

The multi-phase project supported smallholders in the regions to the east/south-east of Mount Kenya in the transition from rain-dependent farming to irrigated agriculture. In addition to increasing agricultural production, the main goal was to improve the living conditions of rural households.

Rising number of projects in fragile contexts

A high number of global conflicts results in more projects being implemented in conflict countries.

Evaluations in the health sector – indications on fighting COVID-19

Against the background of the coronavirus pandemic, findings from the healthcare sector are of particular interest.

Heterogeneous results in the infrastructure sectors

In addition to the most frequently awarded overall ratings of 2, 3 and 4, on rare occasions particularly successful projects are awarded a rating of 1, while projects that are overwhelmingly disappointing can be rated as 5.

New findings and methods in the green sector

Involving local populations in the declaration of ecological conservation areas increases their acceptance and is an important factor in the success of projects in the environmental sector.

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