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Impact evaluations

Rigorously quantifying impacts using impact evaluations

An interview about evaluation work with Jochen Kluve

In this interview, Professor Jochen Kluve talks about collaboration in the development bank and the importance of RIEs. He also gives an outlook on what evaluation work will look like in the future.

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Rigorous impact evaluations – more than just art for art’s sake

Researchers have used rigorous impact evaluations (RIE) as an important tool for impact assessment for nearly 20 years. Rigorous evaluation approaches are also gaining ground in international organisations and development banks. But what are they exactly?

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Cash-for-Work – a rigorous analysis of the impacts in Yemen

The Labor Intensive Work Program (LIWP) is a programme run by the Yemeni Social Fund for Development (SFD) to support the poorest population groups in crisis-ridden Yemen.

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Simiyu Climate Resilience in Tanzania – an impact evaluation

The Simiyu Climate Resilience project is cofinanced by the Green Climate Fund and promotes clean water supply, access to sanitation and climate-smart agriculture.

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Burkina Faso – the first 1,000 days count for a lifetime

Many children in Burkina Faso suffer from malnutrition in the first years of their lives. Yet proper nutrition is never as important as at the beginning of life.

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MAPME - an initiative to promote the use of geodata for planning, monitoring and evaluation


Evaluations worldwide

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