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Renewable energy programme in Southern African Power Pool (SAPP Phase I)


The “Renewable energies in the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) I and II” programmes covered the creation of credit lines to finance environment- and climate-relevant investments in renewable energy (generation and transmission) and energy efficiency in the member states of the Southern African Power Pool (including Namibia and Zambia). The implementing agency was the regional development bank, the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) based in South Africa, which passed on funds from the credit lines to qualified projects (components with individual loan agreements) with FC’s approval. During phase I, promotion was awarded for the refurbishment and expansion of two hydropower plants in Zambia (Lunsemfwa 6 MW, Kariba North Bank Extension/KNBE 360 MW) and the project “Energy for Future” (EFF) for the use of biomass in Namibia. During phase II, the construction of a new 120 MW hydropower plant at the existing Itezhi-Thezi dam in Zambia was refinanced (ITT).

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