Energy efficiency II


    The aforementioned project included three separate modernisation measures to increase the energy efficiency and environmental and climate-based compatibility of Mongolia’s largest power plant IV (703 MW), which is located in Ulan Bator. The specific modernisation measures were: 1) Retrofitting of a pipe cleaning system for the condensers in all seven steam turbines and the installation of two cooling water filters; 2) Installation of a new boiler feedwater pump; 3) Replacement of an outdated water treatment system with a reverse osmosis system. As a result of this measure, the power plant’s specific coal consumption for power and heat production has been reduced, thus increasing the plant’s efficiency. The increases in efficiency corresponded to the addition of 11.7 MW in new power plant capacity.

    Overall rating: 2

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    Relevance: 1
    Effectiveness: 3
    Efficiency: 2
    Impact: 2
    Sustainability: 3

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    Budget funds: 8.489.491,40 €
    Total funds:8.489.491,40 €
    Year of project completion:

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