PTP Small-Scale Project in Al Shehr – Emergency Sanitation Measures


    The Water Sector Emergency Support Programme (project A) was launched in the wake of the political crisis that broke out in Yemen in 2011. The project financed urgently needed equipment, spare parts and repairs to maintain the drinking water supply in a total of 29 towns and cities in Yemen. The implementation was carried out as a rapid response project with a direct KfW contribution. Under project B, the capacity of the sewage treatment plant of the city of Ibb was to be expanded due to the strong population growth, while project C was to eliminate urgent sewage-related problems in the town of Al Shehr by improving the sewage collection and constructing a lake sewage treatment plant. Following extremely lengthy planning and award procedures, both projects (B and C) had to be terminated in 2017 after the conflict intensified (2015), even before physical measures had been implemented.

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    Sector:Water services
    Budget funds: 323.285 €
    Total funds:323.285 €
    Year of project completion:

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