Municipal Training and Education Centre CFCT – infrastructure component


    The construction of a training and education centre for administrative staff and elected representatives of Malian regional authorities was intended to create a lasting and functioning institution in Bamako for training staff at the local and regional level. The improved skills of municipal staff and elected representatives were to improve the quality and sustainability of public services and the quality of governance at the local level. Indirectly, the better provision of public social and economic infrastructure was to have a positive impact on the living conditions of the population and thus also contribute to alleviating poverty. The FC project was embedded in the Municipal Development and Decentralisation DC programme.

    Overall rating: 5

    Is based on:

    Relevance: 4
    Effectiveness: 5
    Efficiency: 4
    Impact: 5
    Sustainability: 4

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    Budget funds: 5.000.000 €
    Total funds:5.000.000 €
    Year of project completion:

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