Basic Education III Basket Funding


    In Benin’s primary education sector, great progress has been made in school enrolment over the last decade, but the quality of teaching has remained inadequate despite considerable efforts to improve it. The FC project, with a financing volume of EUR 5 million, built on the previous phases (BMZ no. 2006 66 529 and 2008 65634) and helped to finance the updated sector development plan by participating in basket funding (PDDSE: Plan Décennal de Développement du Secteur de l’Education), which is aligned with the goals of the Global Partnership for Education (GPE). The measures financed by the basket were grouped into three components: 1) improving the quality of basic education, 2) improving access to education, retention rates and educational equity, and 3) improving administration and governance in the education sector. The focus of the basket’s programme activities was on improving access to education, particularly by building nursery, primary and secondary schools, as well as literacy centres.

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    Budget funds: 5.000.000 €
    Total funds:5.000.000 €
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