Promotion of solar power in El Salvador


    The “Promotion of solar power in El Salvador” project planned to install a photovoltaic power plant with a peak output of 14.2 MW. Upon installation, it would have been the first large, grid-connected photovoltaic power plant in El Salvador and therefore would have contributed to more climate friendly energy generation in El Salvador, particularly as a result of the spillover effects anticipated from the project. After multiple delays to implementation, the project was cancelled in early 2017 at the implementing agency’s request. The funds disbursed until that point and the receivables from the loan agreement were repaid as of 5 October 2017.

    Overall rating: 5

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    Relevance: 2
    Effectiveness: 5
    Efficiency: 5
    Impact: 5
    Sustainability: 4

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    Country:El Salvador
    Budget funds: 5.198.463,35 €
    Total funds:5.521.715,72 €
    Year of project completion:

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