Construction of simple housing in rural areas (PVMR V)


    The PVMR V programme was the fifth and final phase of the social housing construction programme “Programa de Vivienda Mínima Rural” (PVMR) in Honduras and covered measures to improve the housing supply for poor members of the rural population. The implementing agency was a charitable foundation “Fundación para el Desarrollo de la Vivienda Social Urbana y Rural (FUNDEVI)”. The measures were financed by counterpart contributions from the beneficiaries, a loan component, and one-off grants, whereby only the loan components were financed by FC funds. The programme benefited from the long-standing institutional support of the implementing agency by German and Swedish development cooperation, including complementary and consultancy measures to develop the foundation.

    Overall rating: 2

    Is based on:

    Relevance: 1
    Effectiveness: 1
    Efficiency: 3
    Impact: 1
    Sustainability: 2

    Evaluation criteria & rating scale


    Budget funds: 5.112.918,81 €
    Total funds:5.112.918,81 €
    Year of project completion

    Notes on the methods

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