Basic nutrition / maternal and infant health III


    The FC measure co-financed components of the WFP’s transitional assistance programme “Protracted Relief and Recovery” (PRRO 200636). In addition to specific food assistance, preventive nutritional supplement rations for toddlers, andcurative special rations for pregnant and breastfeeding women and children under 5 suffering from malnutrition, the measure also co-financed an emergency system for distributing basic foodstuffs and a proportion of the implementation costs for the overall WFP programme.In 2015, the safety situation in Yemen deteriorated to such an extent that the PRRO, originally designed as a transitional assistance programme, was suspended. PRRO 200636 was initially frozen in October 2015 with the initiation of the programme measures under EMOP 200890 until it was shut down completely on 31 December 2015. With the security situation intensifying there was an unplanned fund reallocation of EUR 0.4 million, which could not be directly allocated to the co-financed programme measures.

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    Sector:Health & Population
    Budget funds: 24.000.000 €
    Total funds:24.000.000 €
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