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Development Research

In its Development Research Publication series, KfW Development Bank makes interesting findings from new research publications and its own analyses on developmental topics and trends accessible to a broad public. These publications are unique because they give a concise and balanced overview of complex interdependencies for the information needs of development policy decision-makers and a broader audience interested in development policy.

Currently only the format "Development in Brief" is updated regularly by new publications. In the publication archive you find all past formats ("Focus on Development", "Studies and Proceedings" as well as "Views on Development") for download.

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The "Development in Brief" publication series gives a one-page summary of information on important development policy issues. These are short descriptions of current trends, debates or concepts that help the reader to get a quick overview of key issues.

The series appears approx. once a month and can be downloaded as a PDF. The publications are available in German and English.

Interest rate explosion – are developing countries and emerging economies the losers?

No 3, 23 May 2023
English(PDF, 49 KB, accessible)
The climate crisis is now – Call for protection against climate risks

No 2, 03 May 2023
English(PDF, 50 KB, accessible)
Climate change and the increasing burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs)

No 1, 01 March 2023
English(PDF, 48 KB, accessible)


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KfW Research: Development Topics


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