Development Research

The "Development in Brief" publication series gives a one-page summary of information on important development policy issues. These are short descriptions of current trends, debates or concepts that help the reader to get a quick overview of key issues.

The series appears approx. once a month and can be downloaded as a PDF. The publications are available in German and English.

Standing up for democracy and cooperating with autocratic regimes – can it be done?

No. 5, 26 June 2024
Digital technologies for access to sexual and reproductive health: learnings from the Covid-19 pandemic

No. 4, 10 April 2024
Artificial Intelligence Revolution – will developing countries lag behind?

No. 3, 13 March 2024
How are fragility and achievement of the SDGs connected?

No. 2, 21 February 2024
International development cooperation at a turning point

No. 1, 25 January 2024