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KfW Development Bank aims to increase the understanding of interrelationships relevant for development policy and to encourage the rapid integration of new scientific knowledge into developmental policy and practice.To this end, KfW Development Bank works closely with national and international scientific institutions. The experts of KfW Development Bank systematically follow current research, support research accompanying projects in local setups, and help align research strategies and projects with practical needs through their involvement in academic committees. KfW Development Bank also awards research prizes, encourages scientists and practitioners to share ideas and information, and circulates new findings in their publication series.

The Development Research Publications of the KfW Development Bank offer balanced background analysis on developmental topics, concise summaries of current trends and debates, and strong views from respected development researchers.

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As part of the programme of research cooperation, KfW Development Bank hold meetings that bring together researchers and practitioners, facilitating direct interaction with regard to current topics.

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Research accompanying projects

KfW Development Bank is aimed at a fast assimilation of academic insights in practice and politics.

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The Research Prize for Excellence

The KfW Development Bank supports the "Verein für Socialpolitik" (VfS) in awarding the Prize for Policy Relevant Development Research to young scientists for excellence in applied development research.

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  • 2020-09-17KfW Development Bank

    Lebanon between explosion, pandemic and economic crisis

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  • 2020-09-14KfW Development Bank

    Senegal: "Team Europe" sets Corona Emergency Aid on the Way

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  • 2020-09-09KfW Development Bank

    Rapid COVID-19 support for Zambia

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Transparency Portal

Disclosure of our data regarding Development Financing - sorted by countries, sectors and results.

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Commitment in other regions

We support development programmes – and consequently prospects for the future – in Africa, Asia, Latin America and South-East Europe.

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