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Development Research

    Development Research

    KfW Development Bank is committed to expanding knowledge about development policy contexts and to quickly absorbing and disseminating findings and incorporating them into practical work. To this end, KfW Development Bank cooperates with national and international scientific institutions. KfW Development Bank's experts systematically track current research publications. Furthermore, KfW Development Bank awards promotional prizes, supports the exchange between science and practice and disseminates new findings in its internal and external publication series and event formats.


    The Development Research Publications of the KfW Development Bank offer balanced background analysis on developmental topics, concise summaries of current trends and debates, and strong views from respected development researchers.

    The Research Prize for Excellence

    The KfW Development Bank supports the "Verein für Socialpolitik" (VfS) in awarding the Prize for Policy Relevant Development Research to young scientists for excellence in applied development research.


    Transparency Portal

    Disclosure of our data regarding Development Financing - sorted by countries, sectors and results.

    Commitment in other regions

    We support development programmes – and consequently prospects for the future – in Africa, Asia, Latin America and South-East Europe.