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230 kV Transmission Line Kampot-Takeo


Since the elections in 1993, the international donor community has been supporting the reconstruction of the energy infrastructure in Cambodia that was destroyed by war and civil war, with the aim of increasing the number of households with access to electricity. The FC measures of “230 kV Transmission Line Takeo-Kampot” (STK), “Rural electrification” (RE I) and “Rural electrification” (RE II) should be construed in this context. In spite of delayed commitments, they are considered to be holistic project approaches. The project measures comprise three components: i) construction of a roughly 70-km-long 230 kV double circuit line between the provincial towns of Takeo and Kampot, ii) construction of a 230/22 kV substation near Kampot, and iii) construction of an extensive 22 kV power distribution system in the project region. Given that RE I complements STK, and the project measures were implemented at the same time, the measures cannot be differentiated from one another in terms of effect and so they are evaluated together. RE II, as a rural electrification measure, is evaluated separately.

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