HIV/AIDS prevention and reproductive health


    The project “Programme to prevent HIV/AIDS and promote reproductive health” (PREVISAR) was the fourth phase of a social marketing approach. In addition to the HIV/AIDS prevention component used in the preceding phases (procurement, education and marketing of male condoms), PREVISAR included two additional components “family planning” (procurement, education and marketing of the pill and female condoms) and “combating female genital mutilation” (education). Awarenessraising campaigns were launched and contraceptives were procured and marketed. The project was sponsored by the National Council for the Fight Against AIDS (CNLS), which worked with the Directorate of Family Health (DSF) and the National Programme Against Female Circumcision (CNLPE) in relation to the project. The implementing agency was the Burkinabe nongovernmental organisation PROMACO.

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    Relevance: 2
    Effectiveness: 2
    Efficiency: 3
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    Sustainability: 2

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    Country:Burkina Faso
    Sector:Health & Population
    Budget funds: 11.500.000 €
    Total funds:11.500.000 €
    Year of project completion:

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