Renewable Energy Programme


    The project comprised the financial resources of the Georgian Renewable Energy Fund (REF) for a) refinancing loans granted by selected programme banks for investments in the rehabilitation of small hydropower plants (< 10 MW) and b) consulting support for the programme banks, in particular for staff training. Over the course of the programme, the fund's resources were used indirectly via the two programme banks to finance the rehabilitation of three small hydropower plants (Ritseula, Khadori 2 and Pshavela). The project was supported by a UNDP-financed and managed component to help the Georgian government improve its legal and institutional framework.

    Overall rating: 3

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    Relevance: 2
    Effectiveness: 3
    Efficiency: 4
    Impact: 2
    Sustainability: 3

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    Budget funds: 5.112.918,81 €
    Total funds:5.112.918,81 €
    Year of project completion:

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