National Tuberculosis Control Programme I and II in Kazakhstan


    Both phases of the FC project supported Kazakhstan's National Tuberculosis Control Programme, which is being implemented in line with WHO recommendations. To this end, a contribution was made to improving the diagnosis and treatment of the various forms of tuberculosis (TB) according to the DOTS strategy (Directly Observed Treatment, Short Course) recommended by the WHO. The project was part of a regional network comprising similar German FC projects with Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Core measures in the two phases included equipping civil healthcare facilities and, to a lesser extent, prisons with modern laboratory and medical equipment as well as consumables. Equipment was also provided to the National Tuberculosis Centre of Kazakhstan (now the National Scientific Centre of Physiopulmonology, NCPT) and the National Reference Laboratory for Tuberculosis.

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    Sector:Health & Population
    Budget funds: 2.556.459,41 €
    Total funds:2.556.459,41 €
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