Infrastructure Fund for Secondary Towns / Fonds d’Infrastructures Villes Secondaires (“FIVIS”) – Phase I


    The aim was to strengthen local self-government in four secondary cities (Abomey, Bohicon, Natitingou, Ouidah) and, starting in phase II, also in four rural municipalities (Bassila, Kérou, Péhunco, Tanguiéta) by expanding economic infrastructure (markets, municipal buildings, access roads and large car parks) as part of the decentralisation process. The nonprofit project-implementing agency AGETUR was responsible for planning and construction on behalf of the municipalities (maîtrise d’ouvrage delegée). AGETUR and the local authorities were supported in the process by an Financial Cooperation (FC) consultant. The two-phase project was designed and carried out as a cooperative programme with Technical Cooperation (TC), which strengthened the capacity of the local authorities by introducing important control mechanism (municipal development planning, human resource management, electronic accounting system).

    Overall rating: 3

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    Relevance: 2
    Effectiveness: 3
    Efficiency: 3
    Impact: 3
    Sustainability: 3

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    Budget funds: 4.936.721,61 €
    Total funds:4.936.721,61 €
    Year of project completion:

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