Energy for Kosovo sectoral programme Phase I, Peja 3 substation


    Phase I of the open programme for the development of Kosovo's energy sector, as outlined in the appraisal report of 24 January 2006, focused on strengthening Kosovo's transmission network. The regional focus of the investments in Kosovo's electricity transmission system was the north and north-west of Kosovo. At the start of the programme, the 110 kV transmission lines that supplied this part of the country were too long and the wires too thin relative to the voltage level. The result was very high losses and voltage fluctuations, so the demand for electrical energy could not be sufficiently met. The investments in Phase I include the new Peja 3 substation to connect the north and north-west to the 400 kV line from Prishtina to Montenegro, expansion of the Peja 1 and Istog stations, a new transmission line between Peja 3 and Klina and an increase in capacity for the line between Peja 3 and Peja 1.

    Overall rating: 2

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    Relevance: 2
    Effectiveness: 1
    Efficiency: 2
    Impact: 2
    Sustainability: 2

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    Country:Kosovo Flag
    Budget funds: 12,350,000 €
    Total funds:12.350.000 €
    Year of project completion:

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