Development of the microfinance sector


    The project helped to consolidate the microfinance sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina through a fiduciary holding in a bank. The project objective at outcome levelwas to contribute to improving access for micro and small enterprises to loans, with a stronger focus on private micro and small businesses in all sectors, including agriculture. The FC project included strengthening the bank’s equity and supporting the expansion of its financing business. In this way, the FC project was intended to contribute to strengthening the target group’s economic development.

    Overall rating: 2

    Is based on:

    Relevance: 2
    Effectiveness: 2
    Efficiency: 3
    Impact: 3
    Sustainability: 2

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    Country:Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Sector:Financial sector
    Budget funds: 2.000.000 €
    Total funds:2.000.000 €
    Year of sample:

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