Supraregional Tuberculosis Control Programme II


    The three projects that make up the regional tuberculosis (TB) control programme in the Caucasus represent a continuation or addition to the first phase of the “Supraregional Tuberculosis Control Programme”. The aim is for previously funded structures such as the national reference laboratory (NRL) and culture laboratories to be consolidated and the countries supported in the ongoing fight against TB. Effective interruption of the chain of infection and successful containment of TB diseases can only be achieved if, in addition to simple TB, multi-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) is diagnosed early and treated with effective second-line drugs according to the DOTS Plus strategy (Directly Observed Treatment, short course). This requires the development of the necessary diagnostic and treatment capacities for MDR patients, which were co-financed by the projects, among others.

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    Sector:Health & Population
    Budget funds: 1.650.000 €
    Total funds:1.650.000 €
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