Network control center, Tbilisi, Georgia

    Remote Management, Monitoring & Verification (RMMV)

    Remain capable of action despite crises and even in fragile contexts - Remote Management, Monitoring and Verification (RMMV) enables projects to be controlled, monitored and verified remotely.

    RMMV conference 2023

    On 8 and 9 February 2023, a two-day interactive virtual exchange took place to discuss the joint experiences, lessons learned and current trends, possibilities for cooperation and recommendations regarding RMMV in development cooperation.

    RMMV guidebook

    The KfW RMMV guidebook provides guidance for employees, project partners and suppliers of financial cooperation in the implementation of projects with restricted access to the sites.

    Fact sheets on technical tool types and data sources

    Here you will find fact sheets on technical and digital tool types as well as on data sources used in Financial Cooperation.

    RMMV in pictures

    How RMMV works

    Wrap-up of the RMMV-conference 2023

    Further contributions to RMMV

    Transparency Portal

    Disclosure of our data regarding Development Financing - sorted by countries, sectors and results.

    Commitment in other regions

    We support development programmes – and consequently prospects for the future – in Africa, Asia, Latin America and South-East Europe.