News from 2023-04-05 / KfW Development Bank

Many different areas of application for RMMV solutions

Presentation of best-practice approaches in development cooperation

Remote Management, Monitoring & Verification (RMMV) is now also being used successfully beyond a crises-context in a wide range of areas of development cooperation (DC) – for example, in the construction industry, in the context of the inclusion of women and girls or to improve donor coordination. A variety of best-practice solutions was presented by international experts at an online conference organised by KfW Development Bank and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) in early February 2023.

Recordings of the conference and further information

The recordings and presentations of the RMMV conference will be available for download until 31 December 2023.

The services offered by the providers of innovative RMMV tools and approaches who participated in the conference were published in a booklet.

In its RMMV guidebook KfW Development Bank describes many common RMMV approaches and tools and their possible applications. Projects are also presented in which these have been successfully used in practice.

RMMV as digital public good

KfW is currently developing an open content repository on the Github platform, where, amongst others, fact sheets on RMMV technologies in the context of Financial Cooperation are offered as a so-called digital public good. The platform is freely accessible and open for everyone to participate in the further development of RMMV-related content repositories.

Stay informed

If you are interested in the conference material and other KfW events on RMMV, please register here. In addition, the BMZ provides the network [] as a platform for further developing the recommendations from the conference and to maintain the future dialogue on RMMV. Posts on RMMV in the context of development cooperation are regularly published on social media (Twitter and LinkedIn) under the hashtag #RMMV4Dev.