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    How the platform operates

    A perfect fit and from a single source

    KfW Group’s PtX Platform provides comprehensive advice on various funding and financing options for large-scale PtX projects outside Europe and then offers an integrated financing solution from a single source. To this end, the platform bundles promotional and financing offers from the German Federal Government and KfW Group and puts together a suitable package of financing from the toolbox of instruments on offer. KfW also helps to bring other public and private financiers "on board". The goal is to stimulate the market ramp-up of green hydrogen and contribute to the decarbonisation of the global economy.

    Minimised investment risks

    With this tailor-made financing offer for capital-intensive projects, the PtX-Platform closes the existing "bankability gap" for PtX projects. The signal: the platform fully supports the upcoming global market ramp-up of green hydrogen. Thus, the platform opens up new technology and growth paths for companies and public institutions - internationally as well as in Germany.

    The BMZ's PtX Development Fund for developing countries and emerging economies

    The PtX Development Fund aims to promote public organisations and private companies in developing countries and emerging economies where the conditions for green hydrogen are particularly good. Investments in PtX projects are supported with a mix of grants and other financing instruments from KfW Group. In this way, the fund improves the financing options for the production, transport and use of green hydrogen in the partner countries. At the same time, it strengthens their local economy and supports them in establishing the future PtX technology at an early stage. This gives the countries a connection to an important technology and economic sectors - without the funding, there is a risk that the countries might be "left behind".

    Easy access to all funding instruments

    In addition to the fund of the German Federal Government, the entire range of innovation and investment financing can be found on the platform - including that of KfW's three business areas - DEG, IPEX and KfW Development Bank. The support provided by the PtX Development Fund is thus supplemented by the entire range of financing instruments KfW has to offer: grants, promotional loans, equity and debt financing as well as mezzanine financing.

    Efficiently managed in a one-stop shop

    The platform is designed as a one-stop shop. This means that anyone who wants to invest in capital-intensive large-scale PtX projects or in smaller sub-projects does not have to initiate a lengthy application process with various financial partners to secure financing. The expression of interest can be submitted at The further steps of the funding process are closely supported and monitored by KfW.

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