KfW Development Bank has been helping the German Federal Government to achieve its goals in development policy and international development cooperation for more than 50 years. On behalf of the German Federal Government, and primarily the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), as part of German Financial Cooperation we finance and support programmes and projects that mainly involve public sector players in developing countries and emerging economies – from their conception and execution to monitoring their success.

As an important international provider of development finance and part of KfW Group , we bear a particular responsibility and, from this, draw consequences for sustainable action. Sustainability for us goes far beyond the simple protection of the environment. Our aim is to work in a way that secures the basis and quality of life for coming generations. In order to be successful on a sustainable basis, we place special demands on ourselves, our projects and programmes and our project implementation agencies.

Our understanding of customer orientation begins with disclosing to you how we deal with complaints at the bank. We want to give everyone who feels negatively affected by a project or programme supported by KfW Development Bank the opportunity to submit a complaint.

As a bank committed to responsibility we foster dialogue with all contact partners of the projects and programmes we finance.

Your critical feedback also helps us to recognise any reoccurring problems and to improve our services even further.

Below you will find an overview of the main steps in the procedure: How to log a complaint, the required information and how we deal your complaint.