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South Africa

The continent's leading economic power – with two faces

Map of South Africa

South Africa is the continent's leading player. However, it is a country marked by two distinctly different identities. On the one hand, it is a rich industrialised country, responsible for almost a third of Sub-Saharan Africa’s entire economic output. And on the other? A country with huge inequalities and structural problems. Within this conflicting environment, KfW is supporting the country in establishing a peaceful and inclusive society along with sustainable growth for decent employment. This work includes, for example, establishing better standards of education for teachers and a stronger educational focus on the requirements of the labour market, while also improving the conditions for investments in renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. Furthermore, KfW is supporting the creation of community centres to improve support for AIDS orphans and is also promoting the prevention of violence – with a particular focus on women and children.

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South Africa

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