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Côte d´Ivoire

Map of Côte d´Ivoire

A civil war (2002–2007) and resurgence of unrest in 2010/11 have set Côte d'Ivoire back considerably in its development. Infrastructure, administration and social services are still suffering the consequences. The economy has been growing by more than 6% a year since 2011 and the medium-term growth forecasts are positive. But almost half the population still lives below the national poverty line. At the same time the country is rich in natural resources and has a well-developed agricultural industry. This also serves as an important basis for the creation of jobs, which is urgently needed. KfW Development Bank is therefore promoting both agricultural development and the protection of endangered natural resources. It is also helping the government to expand the energy supply and improve the healthcare system. Within the context of the G20 Africa Partnership, Germany and Côte d'Ivoire are cooperating more closely in the promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency, which is intended to help achieve the goals set out in the Compact with Africa. The Compact with Africa is an initiative launched with selected African countries under the German G20 presidency in 2017 to improve the general conditions for private investment in these countries. The idea behind the initiative is that public development funds alone will not be sufficient to provide employment opportunities for Africa's rapidly growing young population and thus reduce the pressure to migrate. The German Federal Government is supporting the G20 Compact with Africa initiative through what are known as “reform partnerships” with substantial funding commitments at bilateral level. The reform partnerships are also part of the BMZ’s “Marshall Plan with Africa”, which aims to realign German cooperation with Africa.

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KfW Office Abidjan

Director KfW Office: Dr. Jürgen Fechter
Cocody Vallon, Deux Plateaux, Rue des Jardins
01 BP 480 Abidjan 01, Côte d’Ivoire

Phone: +225 2251 0830
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