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Côte d´Ivoire

Map of Côte d´Ivoire

Unrest and a civil war (2002-2007) have caused serious setbacks in the Côte d'Ivoire's development. Infrastructure, administration and social welfare systems are still suffering the consequences. Although the economy is growing 8 percent annually following another crisis in 2011, more than half of the population earns less than 3.10 US dollars a day. The country is rich in natural resources and has a highly developed agricultural industry. This is why KfW Development Bank provides support for agricultural development in rural areas and the preservation of endangered resources. The government is also receiving assistance in scaling up the energy supply and improving reproductive health.

Local office

KfW Office Abidjan

Director KfW Office: Andreas Fikre-Mariam
Cocody, II Plateaux
Rue des Jardins
Côte d'Ivoire

Phone: +225 2251 0830
Fax: +225 2246 5401

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