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Important development goals achieved

For a long time Bangladesh was considered the poorhouse of Asia. The country counts with a population of 160 million people living on an area the size of the German Federal States of Bavaria and Baden Wuerttemberg and is regularly subjected to climate-induced disasters. And yet, the picture has changed remarkably: The economy has been growing for more than a decade, population growth has tailed off and considerable progress has been achieved towards reaching crucial development goals such as mitigating poverty and child mortality. By 2021 – the country's 50th anniversary - the Government of Bangladesh plans on reaching the status of "Middle Income Country". In order to achieve this ambitious goal, persisting challenges need to be tackled such as the remaining high infrastructure deficits (e.g. energy and transport), the rapid and unplanned growth of the country’s cities and slums as well as increasing floods and land losses due to the effects of climate change. What is more, Bangladesh still faces deficits in the area of good governance, leading to consistently weak results in related international ratings and surveys. In the frame of German Development Cooperation with Bangladesh, KfW is supporting the country’s cities to overcome the challenges of climate change and is financing investments into energy efficiency and renewable energy. KfW is also providing support for health projects and financing rural development.

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