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    Impact of financial cooperation

    We want to know the development impact of Financial Cooperation (FC), how successful the funded projects are and how we can improve our work. This is why, since the beginning of FC in the 1960s, we have been using ex-post evaluations to assess the actual impact of completed projects. We are increasingly accompanying more projects with rigorous methods in impact evaluations. We process the findings in modern learning formats and thus promote institutional learning.

    What we do

    Independence of the FC Evaluation Department

    Independence is an important prerequisite for being able to judge the effects of projects impartially, without interest and thus with credibility. Therefore, FC Evaluation as a department is directly subordinate to the Executive Board of the entire KfW Group and works independently of the operative departments of KfW Development Bank. To further strengthen independence, KfW Executive Board entrusts the management of the FC Evaluation to a person from academia. The department is currently headed by Prof. Dr. Jochen Kluve.

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