German and French flags in the wind

    Two major players in development finance

    They are two major players in global development financing: the German development bank KfW, and the French development bank AFD have been working towards the same goals for many years when combating poverty, protecting the climate and supporting development in countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

    In West Africa, AFD and KfW cooperate in the area Family planning and reproductive Health.

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    Joint projects between AFD and KfW

    The two development banks can look back on a long-standing partnership: in the last ten years they jointly facilitated more than 50 projects and co-financing operations that contribute to improving the economic, social and ecological living conditions of people all over the world. To this end, the two institutions have so far invested EUR 6 billion in total.

    Joint evaluation of projects

    AFD and KfW are not only looking for solidarity when it comes to co-financing projects – the joint evaluation of projects is also part of their cooperation, as can be seen from the example of the mid-term evaluation of a reform financing project in the Jordanian water sector.


    Questions to Rémy Rioux (CEO of AFD)

    Rémy Rioux answers questions about the partnership between KfW and AFD and its new partnership agreement.