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KfW finances corona tests for India

News from 2020-07-20 / KfW Development Bank

The aim is to effectively contain the pandemic on the subcontinent

The German ambassadors arrive in the red ambassador car
The German ambassadors arrive in the red ambassador car.

In India, a high number of unreported COVID-19 infections is suspected, as there are not enough tests to date to track the spread of the pandemic. On behalf of the German government KfW is financing over 320,000 COVID-19 tests and other medical equipment with a total amount of EUR 15 million.

A fast and rigid lockdown has helped India to limit the corona pandemic for the time being. After the end of the lockdown, however, the infection figures went up in a sharp rise. Due to the lack of test kits, it is not possible to effectively track COVID-19 virus infections. Although an increasing number of people in the country with its 1.3 billion inhabitants are being tested for the virus, there are still too few to obtain an approximately accurate picture of the spread. KfW is therefore financing tests and protective equipment for the Indian health system with EUR 15 million on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). This amount comes from the BMZ's Corona Emergency Programme.

UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund, with a specialised unit in Copenhagen, is responsible for procuring the goods, which are urgently requested worldwide at present. The Indian Ministry of Health is responsible for their distribution.

In concrete terms, around 328,000 COVID-19 tests and over 3,000 oxygen concentrators are being financed. These are of central importance for artificial respiration. They can help up to 90,000 patients. In addition, protective equipment for 200,000 health care workers, such as protective suits, overshoes, glasses and gloves, will be provided.

KfW thus joins a group of international donors supporting India in its efforts to contain the pandemic. It is helping UNICEF to implement an important component of its comprehensive approach to fighting the pandemic in India.

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