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Development Finance Forum 2017

The Development Finance Forum is the annual flagship event of KfW Development Bank. The Forum each year deals with a current and pressing issue of international development cooperation: This time it was about the world´s oceans and why their protection is so important for the future of human kind. The event took place on 21st and 22nd of November in Frankfurt and followed the first UN conference on oceans in New York in June and the climate conference in Bonn in November. This Development Finance Forum was entitled "Oceans 21 – Solutions for a Sustainable Marine Future". Close to 150 experts from around the world gathered at KfW to discuss ways to protect the world´s oceans and obstacles that might be in the way. The focal points of the conference next to marine protection were marine economy and marine litter.

Film about the Finance Forum

A short summary of the international conference on the future of the world´s oceans.


News about the results of the forum

Oceans are the next "ecological frontier"

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Full Speed Ahead for the World´s Oceans

A guest commentary by KfW Executive Board Member Joachim Nagel in the Frankfurter Rundschau on marine conservation.

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In depth

  • Portrait Inger Andersen


    IUCN-head Inger Andersen recommends protecting 50% of all oceans.

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  • Platic waste on water surface


    Plastic litter endangers the oceans; animals mistake litter for nutrition.

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  • Portrait

    Personal Report

    Abstaining from plastic is not that easy – an experiment.

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  • Man with umbrella


    Find out more about the Development Finance Forum 2016 on the topic of insurance.

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Joanne Ruxton

"The marine environment has always been the last consideration when it comes to environmental protection yet billions of us depend on it for food, transport and trade, tourism and leisure. It is critical that we act now. It will take a concerted effort not just from governments but from corporations and individuals to cooperate and save our ocean if we are serious about protecting our future and that of generations to come."

Joanna Ruxton is Co-Founder of the Plastic Ocean Foundation

Markus Knigge

"We all depend on the oceans: for our water, our food, our climate, our air. Yet only a tiny fraction of the oceans is protected. There is new political momentum to take on the enormous challenge of conserving the oceans while at the same time supporting sustainable livelihoods for people who depend on them. The Blue Action Fund is eager to support this endeavour."

Markus Knigge is Executive Director of the Blue Action Fund

Oluyemisi Oloruntuyi

"Protecting the world´s seafood resources from Illegal Unregulated Unreported (IUU) fishing is essential if we are to secure peoples livelihoods and food security in the future. Collaboration to reduce IUU will allow many overfished stocks to return to healthy levels and restore livelihoods to dependent communities. Governments, businesses, industry, fishing communities and the general public need to work together here."

Oluyemisi Oloruntuyi is Head of Developing World Fisheries at the Marine Stewardship Council

Nina Jensen

"We need the world leaders to establish a global rescue package for the ocean. The ocean is the heart of every process on this planet, and we are in the middle of destroying it as we know it. We do not have much time but we can change the fate of the blue planet. We have the knowledge and know how; we just need the courage and will to act."

Nina Jensen is Chief Executive Officer of WWF Norway

Ilona Porsché

"Our oceans are suffering from overuse and pollution, resulting in the decline of species, destruction of habitats and threatening livelihoods as well as the global ecological balance. We need to act now to sustain the ocean, our vital foundation of life on earth. However, we are not starting from scratch. Many effective approaches for the protection and sustainable use of our marine resources exist. We need to build on those and scale positive examples."

Ilona Porsché is working for GIZ and heading the Initiative Blue Solutions

Isabelle Viallon

"The world's oceans are essential, ensuring food, livelihoods, biodiversity and climate resilience – but they are under threat. Our main challenge is awareness, collective behavioural change, and governance. This implies action at all levels - global, regional, national but also at local level as those whose life depends on oceans should team up and be fully associated."

Isabelle Viallon is Policy Officer for Fisheries and Aquaculture in the European Commission