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Rural development

Essential component of a sustainable development policy

Rural areas should receive particular attention from the international community. Firstly, the rural population is severely affected by challenges related to central development policy, such as poverty, hunger, environmental degradation and climate change. Secondly, people who live in such areas can make a great contribution to overcoming these challenges. Therefore, there are good reasons for conducting projects in rural areas. It is estimated that the global demand for food will almost double in 30 years, as there will be more than nine billion people inhabiting the earth by that time. Most of our food is produced in rural areas, and the people who produce it are usually the same people who are severely affected by hunger and poverty, and who are lacking consumables and a decent income. Productive agriculture therefore requires investment in rural areas. Long-term, sustainable food production also requires the protection and responsible use of natural ecosystems and resources. Fighting poverty, ensuring food supply, protecting the environment and climate are all highly important tasks that KfW Development Bank is committed to when it comes to financing measures in rural areas.

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