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Financial system development

Foundation for healthy national economies

One of KfW Development Bank's goals is to promote sustainable financial systems. A functioning financial system is an important cornerstone of every economy. Financial institutions mobilise resources for investments that are essential for sustainable growth and ensure that cashless payments can be processed quickly and securely. To enable financial institutions to perform these functions, the refinancing base in the partner countries must be expanded, local capital markets established, savings accounts set up, loans granted responsibly and transparently, financing offered in local currency, and the equity base expanded. KfW Development Bank uses traditional and innovative financing instruments to strengthen financial institutions and stabilise the macroeconomic environment in developing and emerging economies. The following areas are of particular importance: micro, SME, agricultural and environmental finance, digital finance, insurance and the development of local capital markets.

Responsible finance is an important guiding principle in this area. KfW Development Bank has a special responsibility to work towards fair and respectful relationships between financial institutions and their customers. Financial sector projects are geared to both financial sustainability and social impacts.

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