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Focus on renewable energy

Infinite and eco-friendly

Within the socalled "Sustainable Energy for All" initiative of the United Nations, the international community set itself the target of doubling the share of renewable energy in total energy consumption to 36 % by 2030. Renewables are crucially important for KfW Development Bank because they make a substantial contribution to environmental and climate protection. Hydropower plants, solar and wind farms are all promoted, but also projects related to bioenergy and geothermal energy. This includes small systems too, such as solar home systems, as well as large grid-connected power plants, where planning the grid integration in advance is vital. KfW promotes primarily wind energy, hydropower and solar energy but also geothermal heat and biomasse.

Abendsonne über dem Wasserkraftwerk Bujagali in Uganda.
Since 2012 Nile water is powering the Bujagali plant, one of the biggest in Subsaharan Africa.

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