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Economic growth and employment

Social peace, self-detemined living and clean environment

The relation between economic growth, social progress and environmental protection represents a key to development. Growth is not a means to an end: it is designed to serve people, promote development and reduce poverty. Thus KfW supports qualitative growth that targets the promotion of economic, social and environmental aspects.

Creating jobs and incomes is crucial for development. Most developing countries struggle with high unemployment or underemployment. Many people can barely live from what they earn. This is why creating new jobs, but also improving incomes and working conditions for existing jobs, is hugely important. Pro-development integration into global trade as well as foreign direct investment can facilitate this process.

Innovations and technologies contribute to economic growth and employment, but also to overcoming other key problems of development. This also includes technologies for improving environmental protection. This is how KfW promotes environmental protection and contributes to sustainable development.

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