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Biodiversity conservation and sustainable management of natural resources

Biodiversity stands for the variety of all animal and plant species and ecosystems on the planet. It is a prerequisite and a guarantee for the equilibrium of nature and constitutes our natural living habitat, in the form of food, building materials, energy sources, medicine and much more. Via KfW Development Bank (KfW), Germany is one of the largest development partners working to maintain biodiversity worldwide, a significant part of which is the protection of forests. KfW is supporting partner countries and stakeholders to set up and manage protected areas, strengthen fire prevention mechanisms, introduce controls against illegal deforestation, support land titles, as well as municipal and communal forest and wildlife management. The measures best suited to preventing natural resource depletion vary from country to country. KfW currently promotes projects in 51 countries with a total volume of approx. EUR 2.55 billion. The largest portion is earmarked for Latin America (47%), followed by Africa (24%), Asia (14%) and Europe (9%). The last 7% go to supraregional projects.

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