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Past seminars

Topics of previous Limburg-Seminars

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2012MontabaurShifting paradigms: New goals for development cooperation?
2011Montabaur50 years of development cooperation: Experiences and perspectives
2010ErfurtThe impact of the global economic crisis on developing countries
2009EisenachClimate change and development
2008ErfurtMigration and development
2007EisenachThe impact debate in development cooperation
2006WeimarGood governance
2005WeimarFinancial market- and currency problems of emerging markets and countries in transition
2004WeimarAfrica in between reforms and state decline
2003EisenachReform politics in developing countries and countries in transition
2002EisenachDevelopment financing
2001EisenachAllocation and development
2000LimburgThe new growth theory
1998LimburgThe impact of the new institutional economics for developing countries

Last updated: July 2012