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SDG 2 – Zero Hunger

What KfW Development Bank is doing in the fight against hunger

After years of success in the fight against hunger, the number of people who are going hungry and are malnourished in the world has been on the rise again since 2015. Conflicts and the impacts of climate change are mainly responsible for this development. Small farmers and their families are the most affected by hunger, although they produce up to 80% of the agricultural products for the global population. Hunger and malnutrition are not only among the most serious forms of poverty, they are also one of the greatest obstacles to development: people who suffer from hunger become ill more quickly, can work less and are limited in their mental capacity. Children in particular are affected by hunger, as it limits their development.

Experts differentiate between three types of hunger (source: Welthungerhilfe):

Combating hunger and malnutrition is an integral part of KfW's commitment to the development of rural areas. In 2020, KfW Development Bank committed around EUR 479 million on behalf of the German Federal Government to new projects around the world to help achieve the sustainable development goal of “zero hunger”. The fostering of sustainable agriculture plays the main role in these efforts. 40% of the world's population depend on agriculture for all or part of their livelihood, providing employment, income and work in upstream and downstream areas.

KfW projects for agricultural development tackle the fight against hunger from three perspectives: improving self-sufficiency in food, increasing income from agriculture and increasing food production for local, national and international markets. In addition to these structure-building projects, the development bank is also involved in the area of emergency food aid.

KfW were represented at International Green Week (IGW) in Berlin from 17 to 26 January 2020. We have used the opportunity to answer questions from interested visitors about our activities in the fight against hunger around the world.

Dossier for Green Week – KfW Stories

SDG 2 on the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) website (German only)

“More efforts are needed to eradicate hunger.”

Barbara Schnell, KfW Head of Department, and Matthias Mogge, Secretary-General of Welthungerhilfe, on the odds of reaching the goal of “Zero Hunger”.

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Impulses for green economy

The eco.business Fund supports sustainable production methods – now also in Africa.

Source: Finance in Motion

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