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Opportunities for Consultants

The FC Evaluation Department regularly makes use of the expertise and specialist knowledge of external evaluators/consultants. For ex post evaluations of individual projects in particular, experts with relevant expertise in the field of development policy are needed.

You should meet the following general requirements:

  • Substantial expertise and experience in the field of development policy; familiarity with German DC and FC methods/procedures
  • Impartiality, i.e. no previous involvement in the project being evaluated as a consultant, evaluator or project manager; no personal and/or professional conflicts of interest
  • Strong verbal and written language skills in the relevant language
  • Strong verbal and written language skills in German (the project documentation and the ex post evaluation report itself are mostly written in German)
  • Fluency both written and oral in the common language of the respective project´s country
  • Experience as an evaluator or consultant in developing and/or transition countries; familiarity with the country in question is an advantage
  • Good specialist and economic expertise in the relevant sector or topic
  • Experience with evaluation if possible; familiarity with a range of evaluation methods
  • Awareness of issues relating to cross-sectoral subjects (e.g. gender, poverty, socio-culture, the environment)
  • Above-average analytical ability combined with the ability to suitably document the analysis and its results in written form
  • Ability to work under pressure, work as part of a team and act appropriately in a multi-cultural environment

If we have aroused your interest and you meet the requirements for consultants, please send your application documents by email to

You can find a list of planned ex post evaluations on the German website under the tab "Zu vergebende Ex-post-Evaluierungen" (current announcements).