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South Sudan

Marked by crises and conflicts

Map of South Sudan

Although the first decade of South Sudan’s independence began with high hopes, it has been marked by violence and humanitarian crises. South Sudan is still one of the most underdeveloped and fragile countries in the world. Since 2013 alone, an estimated 380,000 people have died as a result of violence and around 4.3 million have had to leave their home. Living conditions for most of the 11 million inhabitants are dire. In what is actually fertile land, severe crop failures keep occurring due, for example, to flooding and locust infestations. In the wake of climate change, such events are happening more frequently and destroying the livelihoods of large sections of the population. KfW is financing programmes, particularly as transitional aid, targeted at specific groups. These programmes are designed to secure livelihoods and strengthen the resilience of the population in South Sudan.

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