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Sierra Leone

Securing peace and economic stability are of primary importance

Following the end of the brutal civil war in 2002, Sierra Leone today has achieved its first degree of success in economic development and political stabilisation. Nonetheless, the country is still in the midst of a challenging phase of transition towards lasting peace. The export of diamonds and iron ore in particular has recently brought about strong economic growth, but the poor remain so: An estimated 60 % of the population live below the national poverty threshold of USD 1.25 a day. The rural regions in particular lack prospects for young people. KfW Development Bank is therefore promoting employment with the goal of building up long-term structures for economic development. In March 2016 Sierra Leone was declared Ebola-free. However, despite strong support given by the international donor community it will take some time until the repercussions of the epidemic on the social and economic infrastructure of Sierra Leone will be overcome.

Map of Sierra Leone with its capital Freetown

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