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The land of a thousand hills


Rwanda, the “land of a thousand hills”, has achieved a great deal since the genocide of 1994; high and targeted investments in the country’s social and economic infrastructure have achieved dynamic economic growth, major progress in alleviating poverty and health care. Despite these successes, Rwanda is still one of the poorest countries in the world and ranks 157th in the Human Development Index out of 189, putting it in the bottom fifth. On behalf of the German Federal Government, KfW Development Bank promotes good governance and decentralised development by investing in local infrastructure, the social protection system and the digitalisation of public administration. It supports the development of a modern vocational training system and facilitates access to credit for small and medium-sized exporters. This will strengthen the quality of training and the economic participation of the population. In order to adapt to climate change and reduce greenhouse gases, the implementation of a green urban development project in the densely populated capital Kigali as well as further investments to achieve the Rwandan climate targets are being supported.

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