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Focus on improving the standard of living

Map of Guinea

Guinea is a country with a relatively young democracy and a president who has a strong position under the constitution. In the first two democratic elections in 2010 and 2015 Alpha Condé emerged as the winner. A considerable risk to domestic political stability is posed by ethnic strife and dissatisfaction among the population about the improvement in living standards, which has only been marginal. There is a high level of unemployment and underemployment among young people and young adults.

Guinea has been gradually recovering from the economic impacts of the Ebola epidemic since 2016, with annual economic growth now back to almost 7%. Yet about 55% of the population still lives below the national poverty line, making Guinea one of the poorest countries in the world. At 60, the low life expectancy is another reflection of this poverty. Adults’ average school attendance record was only 2.6 years in 2016. KfW’s activities in Guinea focus on improving access to basic education and healthcare.


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