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An agricultural country with potential for growth

Benin is an agricultural country where more than 70 % of its people live on and make a living from the land. Most depend on subsistence farming and barely generate any income, with nearly 50 % of the population living in poverty on less than USD 1.25 per day. Population growth is high at roughly 3 %, meaning more and more people need social and economic infrastructure such as schools, roads and health stations. But public administration is still extremely inefficient, while the private sector is weak and struggles with state interference. Corruption is also widespread, and reforms are either not implemented at all or only at a very slow pace. KfW Development Bank supports Benin in the areas of water supply, rural development, education and the decentralisation of administrative structures.

Local office

KfW Office Cotonou

Director KfW Office: Dr Günter Roos
B.P. 504

Phone: +229 21 31 01 07
Fax: +229 21 31 49 64

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