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Economic progress and smouldering conflicts

Colombia has long been marked by violence and civil war. Right-wing and left-wing groups destabilised the country. The civil war is now contained, but violence and crime persist. Some regions are still not under state control. Although the economy is growing dynamically, not all people are benefiting from economic progress. The number of people living below the international poverty line (USD 3.20 per day) has fallen from around 30% to almost 10% over the last 20 years - yet the gap between the rural and urban population has hardly narrowed. At the same time, rural areas continue to be affected by armed conflicts. The high proportion of informal employment is also a major obstacle to development.

Within the framework of the German government's Financial Cooperation (FC), KfW Development Bank is supporting Colombia in preventing new conflicts and advancing the peace process. It also helps the government to achieve its climate goals through the protection and careful use of natural resources and sustainable economic development.

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