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Economic development on the road to Europe

Until the end of the 1980s, Albania was marked by decades of dictatorship. Germany has supported the country's transformation since 1988; Albania has undergone social and economic development since then. It has been a candidate for accession to the EU since 2014. Since the start of the cooperation, KfW has committed about EUR 1.2 billion for the country – making it one of the most important cooperation countries in southeastern Europe. The main focus was initially on directly alleviating poverty. Through KfW, the German Federal Government is now promoting a reliable energy supply and a functioning water supply and sanitation system, which it sees as important conditions for enabling further economic growth and long-term poverty alleviation. In the area of environmental and climate protection, KfW supports the establishment of a well-organised waste management system and the protection of biodiversity. KfW is particularly active in the energy sector (electricity transmission and distribution, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources), in municipal infrastructure (water, sanitation, solid waste) and in the area of sustainable economic development (promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises as well as vocational education and training).

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