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Annual Meeting of the Asian Development Bank

Asian Development Bank is convening in Frankfurt

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is convening its Annual Meeting in Germany for the first time. From 2 to 5 May, international representatives from business, politics and civil society will be meeting in Frankfurt to discuss the financing of sustainable development in Asia.

3,000 guests are expected at the Frankfurt exhibition centre

From 2 to 5 May, more than 3,000 representatives of business, politics and civil society will be attending the Annual Meeting of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Frankfurt am Main. It is the first time that Germany will host this event, the venue of which rotates and was last held in Europe seven years ago.

"Holding the Annual Meeting of the Asian Development Bank in Germany provides the opportunity to bring together key players", said Hans-Joachim Fuchtel. The Parliamentary State Secretary at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is chairman of the 67-strong ADB Board of Governors and a member of KfW's Board of Supervisory Directors. He underlined the fact that "the key to successful new concepts lies in developing them jointly, between Germany and Asia and with the involvement of the private sector and civil society".

Twelve projects co-financed by KfW and the ADB are currently ongoing. KfW has received EUR 158 million in promotional funds from the German Federal Government and supplemented this with an additional EUR 1.3 billion of KfW's own funds. The projects relate to energy, decentralisation, adaptation to climate change and urban development. "ADB is important for us because, as a regional institution, the Asian partner countries perceive it as their own development bank", explained Roland Siller, member of the Management Committee of KfW Development Bank.

Asia, a flourishing region, faces the challenge of mobilising sufficient capital to fund environmentally and climate-friendly development. This is why one of the goals of the Annual Meeting is to integrate the private sector more closely into the financing of sustainable development. The ADB is involved in social and economic projects which are intended to improve the living conditions of people in the region. The main objective of the bank, which bases its policy on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, is to alleviate poverty.

Germany participated in the establishment of the ADB in 1966 and is now its largest European shareholder. It provides 4.3 percent of the Asian Development Bank's capital. At the Annual Meeting in Frankfurt, Germany will showcase itself principally in the areas of renewable energies, energy efficiency, climate change, sustainable supply chains, vocational training and urban development. Visitors will also be able to learn about successful examples from real life at the "City of Sustainability" exhibition.

Modern infrastructure for Asia

Clean air in the Beijing metropolitan area

Heavy industry in the catchment area around Beijing with its 110 million inhabitants should be scaled back to reduce the amount of pollutants entering the air. KfW is supporting the change with the sum of EUR 150 million.

Corridors are conducting green electricity

Power lines, overhead cables and substations are channelling electricity generated from renewable sources of energy to urban centres in India. KfW and ADB are joining forces to finance the expansion of the country’s grid.

Protection against cyclones and flooding

People in vulnerable coastal regions of Bangladesh now have permanent shelters at their disposal. KfW has so far funded around 450 multi-purpose buildings which are used as schools in everyday life.

Diverse commitment in Asia

KfW is helping its Asian partners to finance a number of projects and programmes. Selected examples of projects from the fields of vocational education, urban development, climate and energy are described below.

Further Information

Energy for the Earth

Energy is vital for development. Companies, hospitals, schools and homes – they all need electricity. Only sustainable use of energy guarantees environmentally friendly growth. KfW supports greater energy efficiency and renewable energies.

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Flyer ADB Centres for the future

Centres for the future

The trend of urbanisation is continuing, and by the end of this century some two-thirds of people in Asia will be living in cities. This brings a whole host of new challenges. KfW promotes the sustainable development of cities.

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Vinod Thomas, evaluator at the ADB, was a guest speaker at the KfW Development Forum.

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EUR 2 billion for projects in Asia

KfW Development Bank pledged almost EUR 2 billion in 2015 for projects in Asia. On behalf of the German federal government it is working with many countries in Asia to fight poverty as well as protect the climate and the environment.

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Takehiko Nakao is President of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) since 2013. In an interview he talks about the greatest challenges for the future of Asia.

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